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Shared Vs Managed Web Hosting - Which is the Best?

Posted by kk on Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Web hosting in simple terms is defines as a space given for rent for your hosting your domain and your website. There are numerous service providers in the internet market that provide this facility and boost the business of online entrepreneurs.
Depending on your particular needs, there are several choices that you can make when it comes to choosing the best type of web hosting. The most popular type of hosting is the shared web host which is ideal for most web sites. However, for accommodating sites which involve heavy traffic and those which contain sensitive information, managed web hosts are preferred.
Why shared web hosts?
When multiple websites share the same space on a single server, it is called shared web hosting. This is ideal for smaller websites which do have large amount of traffic congestion. It is inexpensive and effecting hosting solution as purchasing a dedicated server or even leasing it would be expensive for smaller websites.
There are packages offered by the web hosting companies for a certain amount which include a particular amount of space and bandwidth on the company’s server. Multiple web sites can be hosted on these web host servers as they have sufficiently large space and bandwidth to accommodate them.
Unless you experience sudden hike in traffic, the bandwidth and space provided by these hosting companies, granted according to the shared hosting agreement, is enough to fulfill your needs. There is also an option to negotiate additional space and bandwidth capacity just in case your website grows faster than expected.
In such cases, if your web hosting company doesn’t agree to provide extra space to accommodate the additional traffic, then you can purchase a higher level of hosting or even upgrade to managed web host dedicated servers.
Why managed web hosts?
There are certain websites which contain confidential and highly sensitive information and also are heavily trafficked. Such websites are better suited on managed web hosts which allocate one server particularly for your site. In this way, you will never share a web space with any other website ruling out the possibility of hacking and loosing confidential information.
Managing their own servers is quite difficult for companies who need dedicated servers for their websites. Instead, they opt for managed web hosting solutions. It becomes a time-consuming task when it comes to managing and administering your own servers. It will also hold the owner of the server responsible for all the maintenance aspects of this server, which might create security issues too.
It is difficult for companies with large websites to maintain their own dedicated servers as they themselves will be busy with their own business aspects. Instead, companies prefer to enter into a web hosting agreement in which hosting company takes the onus of the maintenance and management of the host server.
Which one is the best?
The decision of investing on any of the types of web hosting must depend on your specific needs and interest. If your website is large enough to require dedicated host servers, then you must always opt for managed hosting. However, it is necessary to cross-check and look if the shared web hosts will satisfy your needs.
Shared web hosts have fewer options than the managed web hosts. However spending on managed web hosting is not advisable if it is not necessary as share web hosts are sufficient for most of the websites.


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